Combined elements of advising, coaching and counseling

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Application “Asesoria” Services

From identifying key application strategies, practicing interviewing techniques, updating resumes, to writing application essays—your program of attention and service is uniquely designed just for you; depending on your needs.

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Application Essay Development Services

Our “Application Essay” Program begins by identifying your “qualities”—strengths and needs—that make you unique and special as a person and a professional. We develop your profile through the “Core Issue Essays” process. From this foundation, we can address the specific requirements of Application Essays in MBA, LLM, and grad school programs.

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Essay Review and Editing Services

If you have already written your essays, and are confident they meet our criteria, you can ask for our “Review and Edit” program where we critique and help you polish your already well crafted product.

Stephen Buchanan

Stephen Buchanan

Stephen Buchanan has over 20 years experience as a student / professional advisor and MBA consultant in Chile. He has helped hundreds of individuals in Chile and from around the world tap into their uniqueness and greatness to prepare dynamic applications and become successful candidates at the top ranked MBA, LLM and graduate school programs in the United States, Europe, Australia and Canada.


Stephen Buchanan

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